Friday, July 17, 2015

Don't ever let them hear you coming


Panty hose should be seen and not heard and there on the come back. You can see them on fashion runways with a modern twist. No longer are they saying "no to the hose". Now the fashion trendsetters are calling them "leg concealers".

When I heard that panty hose were coming back, I'll admit that I furrowed my brow and turned up my lip. I hate that wispy sound they make as the fabric on your thighs rub together. To minimize and possibly alleviate the sound altogether, try turning your panty hose INSIDE OUT. The fabric patterns are raised on the side to worn outwards. The friction of the material rubbing together creates that sound that is audible in a quiet office. Be mindful that with all the more modern fashion trends, they may not all be easily reversible.

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