Sunday, September 6, 2015

Prisoner to style

OOTD & M.A.C. Style Inspiration

"I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence" - Yves Saint Laurent


You should be so lucky to be a prisoner of style!

I love the stark contrast of black and white with ANY accent color. Usually you see it with a pair of black slacks, white top and colorful add-ons in the accessories, but it's all in one piece in this outfit of the day!

The off the shoulder, knitted pullover is fabulous for more reasons than one. I love the slimming fit around the waist. It works marvelously on her hour glass figure. The off the shoulder reveal is respectfully sexy for even a mom out with the family. She needn't worry about where her pop of color comes from - it's already on the sweater. Easily noticed are the bold stripes of the yellow at both the top and bottom of the sweater, but did you see the thin yellow on the arm seam?

I chose to pair this outfit of the day with the Buckle-up in yellow (available in navy, red, cream, yellow and teal) wrap bracelet. The denim jeans keep the outfit playful and casual, much like the bracelet.
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