Monday, April 6, 2015

Humble Beginnings

As it reads on my boutique website, My Arm Charms:"Tired of standing in a department store circling the jewelry displays with a focused and territorial yet non threatening stance while sorting through jumbled jewelry assortments and maneuvering in between other silent women as you softly mutter, "Excuse me, excuse me", all while desperately trying not to knock anyone over with the 'not so sure' pile of assorted blouses, skirts, and skinny jeans flung over your shoulder because you cannot put them in your, "I know I'm going to buy these" cart just yet? Girl, me too!

I wanted a different shopping experience. A pleasant one that did not leave me feeling drained or so frustrated that I would allow myself to give up providing that I made the promise to stay until I picked something the next time. (So many broken promises.)  I decided that I wanted to offer other women the ability to shop at their leisure in a comfortable environment while enjoying the entire shopping experience. No crowds. No lines. No rush. Almost like having the jewelry displays all to yourself.

Do you have a business venture you are pursuing? Tell me in the comments below?
Entrer My Arm Charms! While still a work in progress, this online fashion bracelet boutique is a labor of love and my passion project. Why only bracelets? Because there are enough online 'jewelry' stores. I wanted to distinguish myself and cater to a very specific niche; the bracelet aficionado. (Affectionately, the bracelet snob.) I wanted to offer something to the masses of women who range anywhere from the fashion jewelry accessories lover to the women who just does not feel that any ensemble is complete without some arm charm. As the curator of a small, but continually growing boutique that aspires to be your new, favorite online fashion bracelet boutique, I cannot offer you live chats or real-time stylist - there are no fashion consultants standing by - I will make you (3) promises:

  • To never place any bracelet on the site that I would not wear myself or want to see on you!
  • To always provide an array of quality and affordable fashion bracelet options.
  • To charge you for your bracelet and not frilly boxes, professionally posed models or unreasonable profit margins.
 So, explore your new online, fashion bracelet boutique! Select charm for your arm in several styles and for every fashion occasion! If you need a question answered, please feel free to contact me at .
- Leslie D. "

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