Monday, April 13, 2015

Where Does 'My Charm' Come From?

Every business has to have a name; a fairly unique identifier to enable your customers to find you and remember you. What's in a name? Simply put, it's everything!

Upon deciding that I wanted to open my own online fashion bracelet boutique for women, one of the first tasks on my To Do list was to come up with memorable name; one that would 1) stand out to my boutique patrons; just roll off their tongue as they shared the news with their girlfriends, 2) succinctly identify my boutique's major offerings and 3) be original enough that someone might want to offer me thousands for it in the future. While the last objective is still more of an enjoyable dream, I knew the other 2 were definitely doable.

I began by writing down adjectives that would soon describe my would-be fashion pieces. Adjectives that resonated with pleasant thoughts; what will the pieces look like, what will the predominant style offerings look like, how do I feel when I am wearing great accessories, etc. Sometimes single word adjectives came to mind. Other times entire phrases. I'm very pleased with 'My Arm Charms' - it's perfect!

Here are a few forerunners:

She Shackles
I really liked this one and was hung on it for quite a while despite gentle petitions to abandon it. Since the boutique is a women's fashion bracelet boutique, the 'She' was quite appropriate. 'Shackles', while restrictive and usually thought of for incarceration, is anything metal worn on the wrist. I thought it clever and the identical beginning consonant sound was catchy.

Wrist Priss
Originally thinking that I would limit my offerings to only bracelets, 'wrists' being in the title made sense. Unlike a 'shackle' that could conjure a more menacing thought, 'wrist' offered a more delicate if not benign mental image. 'Priss' accessorized 'Wrist' - kinda dressed it up.

Shut The Cuff Up
This boutique name offered all the sassy edge that I hoped would come to categorize my boutique offerings. I was really attached to this one too despite it being impractical. It didn't speak to what the boutique would sell and, while edgy, wasn't very memorable. Additionally, someone else was using it to sell bracelets on a social media platform. It was this concern and not the about the phrasing closely resembling profanity that ultimately made the decision for me.

Brace YourselfI know you get it! With each word play, I became more and more tickled by my 'clever' marketing potential. 'Brace' for 'bracelet'. You would be purchasing bracelets for yourself. The bracelets are would be so awesome that with each page scroll, one would need to brace themselves to handle it all. LOL. Yeah, this was the last one as I had to start reigning it all in.
Tell me in the comments below which name you prefer?
Now that you know how much time and effort went into selecting a name for what I hope to be your new online fashion bracelet boutique, please stop by the boutique to check out my picks.

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