Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorable Memorial

Everyone loves a holiday, right? A holiday usually translates to at least one day off from work to do whatever you want even if that means absolutely nothing! Hey, no judgment here. Memorial Day is a bar-b-que holiday; fire up the grill in the back yard and enjoy time with family and friends. Most of us could care less about what we are wearing, but it was still hard for me to decide whether I should curate fashion jewelry of a patriotic theme. After all, My Arm Charms has fashionable arm charm for every style situation! In fact, Memorial Day was formerly called Decoration Day.

While I did decide against curating jewelry for this holiday - they tend to fall on the 'gaudy' end of the spectrum - I wanted to offer anyone who comes across this blog post a coupon code for this federal holiday. The code will expire at midnight on 5/25/2015.

At check-out, use code 50OFF to receive a whopping 50% off your entire order.

I'd love to hear about your Memorial holiday - How was it memorable?

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