Monday, May 11, 2015

Silver or Gold? You Don't Have To Choose

I have long out grown gold jewelry; 14k jeweled rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. My preference eventually evolved for white gold or even silver. The muted tone goes well with everything and doesn't clash with the aesthetics of the outfit. The bold coloring of the blaring gold almost comes across gaudy to me these days. Most days, I'm wearing timeless diamond stud earrings and diamond pendant necklace of white gold. For the most part, the only pieces of jewelry that I rotate are my bracelets which is why I love the concept of the My Arm Charms boutique. Why spend ridiculous amounts of money on bracelets when I know I will want to wear a different one everyday? Entre 'My Arm Charms' - fashionable arm charm for every style situation.

The practical solution to my problem was to find stylish bracelets at an affordable price to make it more practical to own ever more bracelets. As I continue to procure fashion bracelets for the boutique, my current favorites are those of both gold and silver-tone designs. Should I wear gold or silver? Now, I never have to chose. I can have accessorize with the best of both. The muted coloring of silver provides a look of sophistication while the gold coloring adds eye-catching, visually dramatic contrast. Take a look at some of the great pieces available at My Arm Charms!

Davina ($29.99) is a trendy cable cuff inspired by the David Yurman collection. Black glass on the cuff ends offer a beautiful design. Slightly adjustable, bend for a perfect fit.
Davina cuff

Dahlia ($18.99), also inspired by the David Yurman line, is slightly smaller than Davina, but just as stylish. Featuring both black glass and clear rhinestones, it offers a softer and more feminine look.

 When In Rome ($14.99) is a truly unique hinge bracelet. Textured silver-tone metal contrast beautifully against the large, raised Roman numerals that beg the question, "What's that about?"
'Sophie' ($29.99) is for sophistication. Every portion of this hinge cuff features design and quality.

Latch-It ($9.99) is a light-weight accessory bracelet - great for stacking with other bracelets. The closure is a fashion accessory in and of itself so it wears all by itself.

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