Monday, May 4, 2015


The snow has thawed, the days are getting longer, the passing spring showers have left promising buds in their wake and it's time to start making plans for the summer trips to the beach. Who said Salt Life was all about surf boards and flip-flops? Check out the fashionable arm charm at the boutique that offer a more feminine side to Salt Life.

Slip into your espadrilles, slide into your maxi skirt, pull on your fitted tank tops and push on your shades and head to My Arm Charms for some fashionable selections for the beach this summer. Get one before they're all gone.  

Enchanted Beach
Pandora style clasp fashion bracelet with beautiful blue glass slide charms has a little bit of everything from the beach and ocean. Metal cast pieces make this a slightly weighted addition to your fashion jewelry wardrobe.
Beach Glamour
Similar to Beach Shimmer, Beach Glamour is for the lady who prefers silver-tone arm charm. Authentic sea shells add a serious touch to the faux pearls and large star fish.
Sea Friends
Too cute! Who hasn't seen a baby turtle and thought, "awww". The beautiful filigree pattern on the turtle shell gives this magnetic clip closure bracelet a charming look.

Beach Shimmer
Light-weight fashion bracelet inspired by the sea. Sun or shade, this dainty bracelet's gold-tone style will always glisten. Faux pearls add a feminine touch of sophistication to an otherwise playful look.


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