Monday, April 27, 2015

It IS a small world after all!

I got to meet Grace Liang, fashion blogger of!

This big world just got a li'l bit smaller. Grace Liang recently had to travel down to Atlanta from her home of Troy, Michigan for a conference. Talk about the stars being in alignment. Since meeting Grace online 3 months ago, we have exchanged quite a few emails and all the while I felt "I would like to meet this person." There is truth in the expression, be careful what you wish for; I put that energy out there and my wish came true.

If you can you believe it, I was incredibly nervous to meet Grace. What was she really like? What would we talk about - just fashion and our blogs? I even hesitated on an outfit. Our scheduled dinner date was for Friday which is more of a casual-dress day at my place of employment. While I didn't want to pass up an opportunity to be comfortable, I didn't want to pick the 'wrong' outfit. I mean, after all, I was going to be meeting a fashion blogger later that afternoon. Hey, who doesn't have a few ridiculous and unsubstantiated hang-ups?!

I made dinner reservations at Poor Calvin's, an Atlanta Thai fusion Restaurant. It had great reviews and I was aiming to pick a place fairly close to Grace's hotel. Turns out it is a popular restaurant for good reason. Our server was incredibly polite, the interior décor was beautiful, the atmosphere was relaxed and conducive to talking and the food was wonderful!

Grace and I talked about everything. Of course, we spoke about her blog, my online fashion bracelet boutique as expected, but talk of her life in China then a transition to Shanghai, in addition to general topics like dating, marriage, travel, Atlanta and Michigan were all a part of the night's conversation. She was so easy to talk to. I felt like I was sitting across the table having a casual conversation about the usual with a close girlfriend - Whew! Truthfully, I was reluctant to end our dinner so I could get her back to the hotel and get home myself. We didn't end our meeting without Grace choosing two fashion bracelets that she wanted to promote on her blog; Toni - a boyfriend watch with a 3 bracelet set and Basketweave - a silver-tone popcorn style bracelet with a beautiful, heavy-weight magnetic flip closure. Visit my boutique to check them out and visit to see pics of Grace styling them.

I ordered black tiger
 shrimp & pad thai noodles

Grace ordered grilled rack of lamb

Poor Calvin's décor

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