Monday, April 20, 2015

She Tried to Expose Me!!!!!

Rather, she tried to give me and my online boutique exposure! "She" is none other than fashion blogger Grace Liang of Color And Grace.

I came to visit Grace's website after discovering a few of her posts on Google+. I was immediately drawn to the fabulous pictures she shares. Grace posts regularly providing a glimpse of what she can do as a fashion blogger; creative and stylish outfits, attention grabbing post headings and a willingness to invite you into her new life here in America. Oh, I didn't mention? Grace is from China and only living here in the United States for 8 years as of April 19th. Imagine, coming to a new country, learning to speak English AND deciding to "step out" and create a blog to her sense of style with over 3,000+ Google+ followers, 600+ Instagram followers. Those are just two of her social media outlets. By the way, her blog is only 4 months old. Yeah, pretty impressive - I know.

This is exactly why I was so excited to learn that Grace wanted to post an interview about My Arm Charms on her blog to share my boutique offerings with her followers. Such a share shouldn't be taken as a common place gesture. Bloggers know that their followers placed a great deal of trust and, at the very least, appreciation for their opinions. Endorsements of any kind from a blogger are the creme de la creme; people who know what they are talking about talking about your product or service.

So, per Grace Liang's suggestion, check out My Arm Charms to my bracelet's.

My Arm Charms is a women's boutique featuring fashion bracelets for every style situation.

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