Monday, August 17, 2015


OOTD styled with M.A.C

"Walk like you have three men walking behind you." —Oscar de la Renta

Fall is on it's way, but Summer is still here. What's a gal to do - there are those last few summer pieces we haven't worn, but we're excited to start piecing together our fall favorites.

Fashion transitions are so exciting. There always a good excuse to shop for more and it creates and unplanned rummages through your closet to rediscover some of your forgotten fashion assembles. 

While layers are the stylings of most fall/winter outfits, it's also the ? of seasonal transitions. Dressing in layers (winter/spring, summer/autumn,etc.) gives you the ability to go-with-the-flow. If it gets to hot, take something off or just the opposite. Take the OOTD paired with Alice, a light-weight gold-tone bracelet with turquoise charms, whimsical key hole and dangling antique key. This mid-thigh, 1-piece dress with lace bottom is both light-weight and appears soft and airy. While the bleached, sleeved denim jacket is light in color and is a 'soft' addition to the outfit, it serves as a great wind breaker. If it gets too hot, just take it off.

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